tagliatelle tartufo

Butter and truffle tagliatelle

The sliced summer truffle  and the white truffle butter are the perfect combination for a simple and tasty first course.



  1. To prepare this dish of butter and truffle tagliatelle, put to boiling in a pot plenty of salted water. Pour 250 gr of  tagliatelle.
  2. After a few minutes, drain the pasta al dente. Preserve the cooking water! Next step: preparation of condiment. In a pan, pour two spoons of white truffle butter Bernardini Tartufi. Finally, add tagliatelle.
  3. Mix pasta well to make it taste.If pasta is too dry, add a little cooking water. Enrich the condiment with another two spoons of white truffle butter Bernardini Tartufi.
  4. Blow up the pasta in the pan. Butter and truffle tagliatelle are finally ready! With the ladle and kitchen tongs, create a nest of pasta. Garnish with 2/3 slices of summer truffle Bernardini Tartufi.
    A real delicacy for your palate!

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