In the lands beloved by Rossini and Raffaello; located in Marche region; on the border between Romagna, Umbria and Tuscany; just a few steps away from Urbino, symbol of the Italian Renaissance and now included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites; surrounded by the Apennines and the breathtaking Gola del Furlo (a national reserve), Acqualagna is considered the land of the white truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico). Acqualagna has a centuries-old tradition in the research, production and sale of truffles. Thanks to its soil and climate’s features, this tiny village is now worldwide known, not just for the production of the precious white truffle of Acqualagna (Tuber magnatum Pico), but also of all the species of truffle. According to the season, it is possible to taste different kinds of tuber; that is why Acqualagna has been given the name of Capital of the Truffle. For more than 50 years, Acqualagna hosts one of the most prestigious industry’s kermesse: THE WHITE TRUFFLE NATIONAL FAIR, that takes place between the end of October and mid-November, when the white truffle has fully matured and has reached the highest quality.



Bernardini Tartufi is a young company with a long experience, willing to improve, and motivated by the knowledge that the truffle is one of the most outstanding products that the territory could offer. Beyond all the varieties of fresh seasonal truffles, Bernardini Tartufi offers a selection of high quality products made with the greatest attention, both during the production and the selection of raw materials. The twenty-year experience gained by Cristina and Simona, together with the modern production equipment, ensures the right balance between the traditional “homemade” flavors and a pinch of modernity. All this without giving up the craftsmanship and the attention to the needs of consumers, who are more and more refined, curious and in search of innovation. The production cycle is fully controlled and able to provide detailed information at all stages of production to guarantee high levels of safety, honesty and reliability.



We grow up with the tales of our grandpa Tino, nicknamed Lambrusco, who spent his life in the woods of the Apennines. He told us about how, as a child, he quickly learnt to be a truffle hunter. It was a necessity, because his father was wounded during the World War First. He told us how in the ‘40s, he used to walk through the woods of Marche, Umbria and Tuscany. He slept at farmers’ house, sometimes in the cowsheds; then, on Sundays, he used to go to the central square in Acqualagna, where the merchants from the north area were waiting for him, desirous of buying fresh truffles. Over the years, grandpa Lambrusco kept going in search of truffles, despite he was a gouge; he bought a Vespa and he dug for truffles during the night, with his dog, so that he could still go to work on the next morning. In the beginning it was a necessity, but then it turned to a “fever”, as for the gold rush, handed down to Maurizio, who turned from hunter to entrepreneur, and who found his company based on this precious product. Maurizio established its company at the beginning of the ‘90s. Once Cristina and Simona completed their studies, they also took an active part in the firm. Now, after twenty years of experience, we decided to follow in the footsteps of our family and to start-up our own business. That is how we found the Bernardini Tartufi. The history of our family is actually more than just a history. It’s more like a cultural baggage; something that is there since ever, even before we are born, and that now we are pleased to hand down.