Truffle crostini

Today, we want to show you how to make delicious Truffle Crostini: perfect to make your appetizers tasty!



  1. Preparing these delicious truffle crostini takes very little time, the result will be amazing!
    Cut half baguette horizontally and obtain slices not thick. Transfer in pan lined with non-stick paper.
    Put in the oven by setting the grill cooking mode, toast, for a maximum of 5 minutes.
    After the necessary time, crostini will be golden brown.
  2. Leave to cool, then spread on the bread the salted butter. Finally, the protagonist of this recipe: poor a spoon of Mushrooms and truffle sauce Bernardini Tartufi on each slice.
    Offer truffle crostini for a home-made and refined appetizer.
    Delight your guests with cold cuts and salted brioche as a combination.

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